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Shrimp Mexicali

Updated: Mar 10

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This recipe is from the Klar Brothers' Bistro YouTube Show with Ken and Kevin. Join the Klar Brothers on October 2nd as they make this recipe! Learn more about healthy habits and have a laugh together. The Brothers are on a mission to help people make healthy "recipes so simple even a dude can make it."


  1. 1 Packet Taco Seasoning Low Sodium

  2. 1 Large Bag of Riced Cauliflower, Frozen

  3. Frozen Onions and Peppers

  4. 2 Pounds of Frozen Cooked Shrimp


Place riced cauliflower, onions, and peppers in one pan. Mix together. Start the stove on high to boil off the water. Then turn it down. Place the shrimp in a strainer and turn on cold water not hot. You mostly want to thaw out the shrimp. This way, the tail will come off easily and not take the entire shrimp with it. Pour the taco seasoning over the shrimp. Make sure the riced cauliflower is soft and pour the shrimp into the pan. Basically just want to make the shrimp with the rice is hot. Enjoy.


This recipe is a healthy and low-carb meal. Klar Brothers' Bistro loves sharing simple, healthy recipes and they might even make you laugh. Like! Follow! Subscribe!

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