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Kevin recently retired as a Battalion Chief after 37 years with the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LAC). During his time there he was the catalyst for many groundbreaking programs including managing both the Fitness for Life and Emergency Medical Services programs as well as being an International Association of Fire Fighters Master Instructor. Together Kevin and his wife, Melanie, are full time health coaches who love to help and encourage people. Together they have helped hundreds of people on the journey to their optimal health.

Kevin focuses on First Responders of all types and has found a real niche in helping those folks really achieve their health goals. This program is so simple it's fireman proof he likes to say. It strips away all the distractions and you focused on the one main meal and then as you get closer to your goal we add any more meal and you increase the intensity of your exercise along the way. This is a lifestyle change not a diet.



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Brothers’ Bistro came about when Ken realized his bachelor ways of eating at a different restaurant every night limited his cooking knowledge, so he turned to his twin brother, Kevin for help.

As these two dudes discovered, healthy recipes were ridiculously complicated and easy recipes weren’t healthy. Ken and Kevin are now on a mission to help people learn how to make healthy recipes in a less complicated manner.

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