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Omelette in a Bag

Updated: Jan 21

Omelette in a Bag
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This recipe is from the Klar Brothers' Bistro YouTube Show with Ken and Kevin. Join the Klar Brothers on October 23rd as they make this recipe! Learn more about healthy habits and have a laugh together. The Brothers are on a mission to help people make healthy "recipes so simple even a dude can make it."


  1. 2 Eggs

  2. Pico de Gallo

  3. Bell Pepper, Diced

  4. Mushroom, Diced

  5. Onion, Diced

  6. Pre-Cooked Sausage

  7. Pre-Cooked Pepperoni

  8. Cheese

  9. 1/4 Cup Sour Cream

  10. 1/4 Cup Guacamole


Bring a large pot of water to a boil. While waiting for the water to boil, crack eggs into a Ziploc heavy-duty, large (at least quart-sized) freezer bag and add water. Seal and shake, smash, squish the bag, whatever you can to get those eggs really beaten up. Add any remaining ingredients that you would like, and press as much air out of the bag as you can seal tightly. Ingredients that we suggest are Pico de Gallo, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, pre-cooked sausage, pre-cooked pepperoni, and cheese. Smoosh the ingredients around a little bit together to get an even distribution. Place bags (up to 6) in the boiling water and cook for 13 minutes (adding 1-2 minutes per additional egg if people want bigger omelets). Cooking times vary depending on elevation. Check your eggs every few minutes. Once they are no longer runny and feel like they are set, they are ready! Make sure the tops of the bag don't hang out over the edge of the pot, especially if you are doing it over a fire. You don't want the plastic to melt. Carefully remove the bags from the water. When you open the bag, the omelet should easily slide onto the plate. Top with any additional toppings and enjoy.


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