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Naked Burrito Casserole

Updated: Jan 16

Naked Burrito Casserole
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Hey there foodies! It's the Klar Brothers here, and today we're sharing one of our favorite recipes - the Naked Burrito Casserole! Trust us, once you try this dish, it'll become a staple in your recipe book.

Now, we know what you're thinking - "naked burrito casserole? What on earth does that mean?" Well, it's simple - this dish is like a burrito, but without the tortilla! We load up all the same delicious fillings you'd find in a classic burrito, layer them in a casserole dish, and bake it all up to melty, cheesy perfection.

What we love about this recipe is that it's so customizable. You can use whatever fillings you like - we usually go for seasoned ground beef, black beans, corn, and bell peppers, but feel free to switch it up based on your preferences. We also like to top ours with plenty of shredded cheese and fresh cilantro, but you can get creative with your toppings, too.

The best part about the Naked Burrito Casserole is that it's super easy to make. All you need are a few basic ingredients, a casserole dish, and an oven - no fancy equipment required. It's a great option for weeknight dinners or potlucks with friends, and it's always a hit with our guests.

We hope you give this recipe a try and love it as much as we do! And hey, maybe you'll even want to enjoy it in the buff like we do... just kidding! (Or are we?) Happy cooking!


  1. 8 Oz Lean Ground Beef

  2. Taco Seasoning to Taste

  3. 1-10 Oz Rotel Mild Diced Tomatoes & Green Chiles Can

  4. 4 Eggs and 2 Egg Whites, Slightly Beaten

  5. Fresh Cilantro, Chopped to Taste

  6. Guacamole, Optional

  7. Pico De Gallo, Optional

  8. Cooking Spray


Preheat oven to 400°F. In a medium frying pan, brown ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning. Spread ground beef evenly into a 9 x 9 inch baking dish. Drain Rotel, spread evenly over beef mixture. Pour beaten eggs over the top, sprinkle with chopped cilantro to taste. Bake for 25 minutes or just until center of casserole is set and eggs no longer jiggle. Do not over bake or the eggs will go from tender to tough. Cut casserole into 4 squares, stack 2 on top of each other on a plate and serve topped with shredded lettuce, cilantro, guacamole, and Pico De Gallo. Refrigerate of the remaining 2 squares for another serving. Enjoy!


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