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Cabbage Roll Soup

This recipe is on plan for the Klar Health program. The Klar team is on a mission to help people make a positive impact on their own health and the health of their community. If you are ready to get started on your own health journey or you have any questions please fill out the health assessment on our home page!


  1. 1 Cup Leeks, Diced

  2. 3 Cloves of Garlic, Minced

  3. 1 Ib Lean Ground Beef

  4. 1/2 Ib Ground Pork

  5. 1 Cup Cauliflower, Grated

  6. 1 Medium Head Cabbage, Chopped and Core Removed

  7. 1 28 Oz Can Diced Tomatoes

  8. 2 Tablespoons Tomato Paste

  9. 4 Cups Beef Broth

  10. 1 1/2 Cups Low-Sodium Tomato Juice

  11. 1 Teaspoon Paprika

  12. 1 Teaspoon Thyme

  13. 2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce

  14. 1 Bayleaf

  15. 1/2 Teaspoon Salt

  16. 1/2 Teaspoon Pepper


In a large pot, brown leeks, garlic, pork and beef. Drain any fat. Stir in chopped cabbage and let cook until slightly softened. Usually about three minutes. Add all remaining ingredients, bring to a boil and reduced heat to medium low. Cover and simmer on low until cauliflower is fully cooked. Remove bay leaf and serve.


Cabbage helps with digestion, weight loss, and acts an anti-inflammatory agent.

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